One Way Up Productions is a multimedia production house. Our tailor-made videography and social media content production caters to corporate, non-profit online and internal content. Our portfolio includes corporate events, in-house videos, corporate social investment (CSI), journalism and advertising.

From start to finish, we handle all production elements.

Concept Development

We sit with our client’s team; we research, read and re-learn about the brand. We then think of different ways to tell a story and present it to our clients.


After we create a concept, we create a documents stating how the video will play out before we start shooting. This is integral as once this document is approved a clear understanding of the video is mapped out for all parties to see.


Our team of cinematographers use a wide scale of cameras and equipment to create beautiful video in any environment.

Visual Effects

The art of illusion or visual effects allows us to push our productions into the world of movies.


Before there was video, there was photography. All of our videographers are capable of taking photos and can provide a complete service for clients looking to save on costs.


With a team of scriptwriters, animators and videographers, One Way Up can handle all forms of animations including simple 2D animations, to more complex 3D projects, visual effects, compositing and motion graphics

Voice Overs

With access to our extensive range of voice over artists, we can find the right fit of voice for any productions.

Audio Visual Production

From setting up speakers at your event to final mixing audio for a movie, we have the team that can do it all.

YouTube Analytics

Our team of social media experts can give advice on how to create a video that can capture the imagination and the internet. We also offer advice on how to get more viewers and can help create YouTube campaigns aimed at bringing in more specific clientele.

Instagram Shorts

Ten second videos that evoke an action from your clients, no sweat. We can create a story, in anytime that will enthral your viewers.