After graduating from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism with a Masters in Digital Media, Zaheer Cassim struggled to find a job In South Africa after working for Al Jazeera in Qatar and other international media organisations in New York City.


Cassim, discouraged by the vision of South African media, perused the local newspapers everyday and found an article on page six in the local Times about iPads being used to educate learners in the townships. This article turned into a video, which Cassim sold to the Mail & Guardian. This simple story followed itself with more opportunities. Cassim turned to fellow Columbia graduate Dave Mayers to help him with these new ventures. Mayers, one of the best digital media journalists on the continent, however also unable to find a job worked with Cassim in producing captivating stories with SLR magic. The dashing duo were a hit and officially started the business in July 2012.


In an ironic way, had it not been for the lack of understanding of digital media by mainstream news agencies and the lack of job opportunities in the media market, One Way Up would have never been created. Today, One Way Up Productions has a team of videographers, editors, animators, visual effects artists and other freelancers that shape the course of South African media.

One Way Up Productions is a certified Level 1 BEE company