Dave and I went to Arts on Main on Wednesday to try to pull of a time lapse. I want to use this in the next video that I shoot in Cape Town, being so picturesque.

I watched a couple of good tutorials on how to do a time-lapse and had tried it a couple of times at home before taking my 5D out into the field.

I have to say, the best advice I received was to take the photos on AV mode. Made life a lot easier. It also helped that Dave had a remote that allowed me to set a timer to run.

So this is what I came up with first:

Attempt 1

Kind of jumpy, but I had done all the basic right. I decided that this would look cool as a way to end all my videos. Especially with the sky in focus. So I decided to put my name into the video with After Effects.

Attempt 2

Close, but not quite there yet. Let’s try that one more time.

Attempt 3