Dave and I do most our shooting on 5D’s, but the folks at Canon have come out with a new camera called the C100 and it’s awesome.

However, awesome is expensive. The reason why the C100 is great is because its a normal video camera that uses Canon lenses.

People who have shot on a DSLR will know that sound is a huge issue with these cameras and usually requires

third party software like PluralEyes to match sound the sound on the camera with the sound on a recorder.

There is also a problem with the time you can shoot. On a DSLR you can shoot for about 10 minutes before the memory card cuts the recording. With the C100 this is not a problem anymore.

Our old Professor Duy Linh Tu has a great video on the two cameras, which I posted below. He uses both, but he has lots of money.

If you are new to this DSLR game, technology changes so quickly that within six months your brand new expensive equipment is going to be in the hands of your ENT (true story). Don’t stress, spend money on lenses, cause you will keep them forever. Buy what you can afford and make sure you can do the basics well i.e. learn to use  a tripod, light your subject correctly, get good sound and how to conduct an interview. If you can do these four things, you will always be employable.

Canon 5D Mark III Video Rig