After an amazing start with our first Apple video, our next task saw us liaising with the who’s who in the South African engineering world. 3S Media hosts a conference every year, where government and private industry come together to talk about the some of the challenges facing the industry and how to find solutions to those problems.

Dave and I were at both days of the conference. We shot video and also created audio blogs for each individual speaker, which was posted a day after the conference for people who could not attend the event click now.Watch Brothers (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Capturing audio of a speaker is better way to record an event than video if the speaker is just going to stand on a stage and give a speech. It allows for members of the public to download the audio and listen to it when it is convenient for them. Should clients require this service, One Way Up Productions offers a 360 degree service that incorporates recording, web-content placement and after sales service. No thrills, no fuss, just good value.

s3_2Besides working none stop for two days, we also learned a lot about the engineering world.

For example, one of the biggest problems government has with providing services is that of success. If a village is giving water for example, thousands of people living in the surrounding area flock to that location to take advantage of the new water stream. Within a week, a village is turned into a town. Only problem is that the water supple was never built to supply so many people and engineers now have a problem of not enough water supply, when years earlier it was how do we get water into this region. I thought this was very interesting.